Monday, May 27, 2013

jjobrien climbing blog: Elena Atanasov for Red Phoenix Emporium

While we have been super busy with the new collection and the new website JJO'Brien aka Dad has posted a sneak peek of what's going on behind the scenes on his blog! Hopefully the Red Phoenix Style blog will be back soon!

jjobrien climbing blog: Elena Atanasov for Red Phoenix Emporium: Climbers, I know you have been thinking "Where's the Red Phoenix Autumn/Winter collection for 2013?" It's called the &qu...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oscars After Party

Sometimes the best Oscars frock action happens at the After Party!
Diane Kruger NAILED IT in this awesome Giambattista Valli frock, a cool match for our Zanzibar tassel necklace featuring zebra jasper, turquoise and pink faceted agate.
Natalie Portman was also flawless in black and white, with, wait for it A POP OF COLOUR! Yes, finally a celebrity who grasps the concept of how to make a dress go wow! I am preeeettty sure her earrings are like gold plated emeralds or something OR you can snap up our green tassel earrings for only $39 bargain!!
Isla Fisher, Tory Burch and Ginnifer Goodwin should've taken their cue from our Shelley Craft who showed how to wear electric blue with our Cicadas in Summer necklace on Funniest Home Videos last week!
I have to say I was loving the party frocks much more than the red carpet ones. I was not a fan of Amanda Seyfried's insipid lavender thing but the after party red was HOT!
Here are some more smoking party outfits that could have benefited from a matchy matchy red tassel earring
Jane Fonda looked amazing before and after!
Gia Coppala, Diane Kruger and Jane Fonda all rocked some seriously cool animal print inspired outfits

While some black and gold, like our new season tassel earrings, didn't go astray either.
Who did you think rocked the after party the most? Not Steve Tyler obviously. How embarrassment.

Stay stylish

Oscar images from Fabsugar and Vanity Fair

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Red Phoenix Style Froscars!

In Red Phoenix Style tradition I have been glued to the Oscars action and have made my list of awards, special mentions and accessories suggestions!
I know it divided people and was deemed a bit boring but my pick for Best Dressed was Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton. I could not take my eyes off it and shades of blue is my hot tip for Winter! It had perfect clean lines like our Rio necklace available at Stone and Metal
Even though Reece did totally steal my Wedding Hair
 Bet she didn't have hairdresser to the stars Jools from Panic Hair Bazaar doing hers tho!
On that note, Georgina Chapman also borrowed heavily from my wedding style, aside from being preggers, brunette and having a movie mogul husband, that was me!
See! We are practically twins.
While the celebrities may have been stalking my wedding style they refused to listen to my REPEATED pleas to accessorise! Some colourful tassel earrings wouldn't hurt Naomi!
 Naomi Watts was my second favourite look. Even though she did steal my silver sequined Engagement Party look! 
Best Use of Colour goes to Fan BingBing in Marchesa! A perfect match for our Like an Urchin necklace
Or, as one fan suggested, the Fuchsia Jubilee, always regal for important situations
Second Best Use of Colour was the smoking Jane Fonda looking as youthful as our Nature in Neon necklace! She also gets the award for Showing Up Dame Helen Mirren on the red carpet - you go girl! Special mention to our Jacqui Weaver in this category too.
The Sweetest Look was Kerry Washington in Miu Miu, so cute with our Birds of a Feather necklace
The winner of the Fiercest Look was Charlize in Dior who would've rocked our Cicadas in Summer necklace!!
Our Ahead of the Curve award goes to Nicole Kidman who has clearly snuck a peek at our new season gold and black tassel earrings! Metallics are going to be huge for winter. Coming soon!
Jen and Anne tried a new trend. Wearing their necklaces backwards
Which frock was your favourite? Do you think there should have been more accessories?

Stay stylish

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cheating on Fashion

Hello Stylers, you've probably noticed the cobwebs building up here since before Xmas! 
  I've been away working on my "work/life" balance
  including such riveting things as actually eating breakfast, getting emotionally invested in reality TV (hello The Block)
cooking dinner for my Husband (I know, he was surprised too), cleaning the toilet (this 'life' thing isn't all it's cracked up to be) and getting to bed before it is technically tomorrow already.
I have also developed an unhealthy obsession with decorating. Faux Fuchsia says I am cheating on fashion with interior design. I do feel guilty filling up my Pinterest boards with rugs and shelving and the like instead of accessories...The Husband is looking worried as furniture is MUCH more expensive than shoes ;)
It's not all toilets and TV though, we do have a number of exciting new Red Phoenix projects in the pipeline
  including a brand spanking new website being developed over the next few months so that you can get at all our goodies more easily
 we have new stockists and more to come! If you are in Rockhampton or Yeppoon you can now shop at Something Different and Something Different Coastal!
and new jewellery collections!! 
Here is a peek at our new tassel colours black, silver and gold for Winter!
 With my new focus on calm and serenity I can't make any firm bloggy promises for the near future
but I am still on over the internets - come follow me over at Instagram or Twitter @redphoenixstyle where I post up a storm daily!
 We are even having a little competition at the moment - follow our Instagram account and repost this image to go into the draw to win the earrings!
 or follow my Pinterest boards at Red Phoenix Style, but I'll warn you it's mostly just interior design porn.
 So it's not good bye, it's just a bit of serenity now and I'll be back into my trend reporting before you know it. 
Have a lovely Valentines' Day and be sure to buy yourself something pretty :)

Stay stylish,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trends to Try: Turbans

Summer is the perfect time to try the turban trend! They hide bad hair days (and the re-growth from the skipped xmas hair dresser appointment), can add a pop of colour and raise the fashion stakes of your outfit!
Willow and I couldn't resist buying these matching turban head bands from Camilla recently!
Are you keen to try the trend? Here is some inspiration.
  Liz was the undisputed Queen of turbans of course.
 I personally prefer the head band style like the Olsen twins sported from the Prada collection circa Spring/Summer 2007
 Eva Mendes is HOT in Prada
Everyone's a critic but I ADORE her Dolce & Gabbana dress with Prada turban from the Toronto International Film Festival.
The celebrities are doing it. Rachel Zoe is doing it.
Our SJP can do no wrong in a turban.
Marc Jacobs has brought it back for Spring/Summer 2013
I am loving the printed scarf look sick!
This street style look is so easy to achieve, just roll up a scarf wrap it around your head and tuck in the ends viola!
I had a go at the scarf turban at the Woodford Folk Festival on the holidays - great for adding a pop of colour and keeping festival camping hair looking half decent!
These Camilla ones are stretchy - just slip it on and you are 60% more glamorous (might have to get the Faux Fuchsia Institute to test that figure but I am sure it is pretty accurate).

Anyone convinced to try turbans for Summer?
 Stay stylish

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wedding DIY: Buttonholes

I decided to DIY the buttonholes for the Husband and Groomsmen
It was really easy!
I just cut down the flowers to a buttonhole-ish size
and then wrapped the stems tightly with florist tape
and on the final layer wrapped a safety pin into the back.
A glass of wine was essential to the process,
and a group of friends to help!
I also used some simple twine wrapped around the stems to finish the look.
It was so easy even the Groomsmen helped!
The Husband modelling the finished product
I chose Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) to match the orange checked Groomsmen shirts
and Leptospermum (Geralton Wax Flower) as it is my favourite native flower
Judd had his own special one - what a dude!
Not too shabby for a DIY job
(the buttonholes were good too haha).



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